Friday, 30 November 2007

'Life' magazine Dream House, 1997 - John Rattenbury

An exterior view (above) of 1997's 'Life' magazine Dream House by architect John Rattenbury, who worked for many years with Frank Lloyd Wright. You can see much more information on this house here, including plans, specifications, and many,many more views.

Strangely enough, Rattenbury's childhood -- or, at least, an important incident in his childhood -- is the subject of a play by Terence Rattigan, one of my favourite playwrights, currently being revived in London's West End. Full story here.


  1. Gosh, Peter!

    I had just finished reading that article in the Times, before visiting your weblog, to see it highlighted! LOL!!

    (great minds think alike, it would seem)

  2. We bought a house in Georgia based on this House by architect John Rattenbury - Does anyone have suggestions on roofing materials? - several low slope areas & we have had high wind concerns


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