Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Iraq: What's going right

The positive indicators in Iraq are now so strong, says Ralph Peters in the New York Post, "that the left's defeatist lies are losing traction." Here are Peters' Big Five reasons about Iraq, and What Went Right -- reasons the defeatist liars do their very best to evade.


  1. Fantastic. Things are now going "well". You need to consider what that "well" is relative to. It's only been going for four years and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

  2. It's relative to it being, as it was just four years ago, a dictatorial shithole run by a psychopathic murderer who fed and watered terrorists and who had his own citizens gassed, butchered and thrown into plastic shredders.

    But you'd be in support of that, huh?

  3. Anon : cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people

    Anon, you need to go back to primary school for some basic education. There were hundreds of thousands killed under Saddam prior to the US & UK occupation. Once you passed the primary education about that fundamental fact, then you can join us here for an intelligent discussion. I don't like having a discussion with fuckers like you who don't understand 2+1=5 :


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