Saturday, 3 November 2007

Fresh blood?

Labour's likely newcomers in next year's intake includes Andrew Little, Phil Twyford, Grant Robertson, Connor Roberts, Kate Sutton, Clare Curran, Stuart Nash, Paul Chalmers, Don Pryde, Jordan Carter and Hamish McCracken. As Cactus observes:
Oh dear, she's really recruiting in the Primary Schools now.
Meanwhile fresh blood has been spilled on the clean streets of Takapuna outside the Labour Party conference, overshadowing whatever momentum the poor dears hoped to generate from a weekend of speeches. (MSM bloggers Colin and Vernon have the stories.)

It's looking more like the ill-fated Democratic Convention of '68 than it is of one on the eve of an historic fourth term.

UPDATE: Russell Brown offers a measured reflection on the violence and the protests, including some video links.


  1. Yeah, but what's the alternative? Elect Key and his merry bunch of what...?


    What do they stand for exactly?


  2. One would hope "Key's Gonads" represent more of New Zealand.

    Those with talent, skill, work experience and an ability to actually achieve something BEFORE going into politics.

    When I see students straight from University go into politics or people take a payrise to go to the Beehive it sends my throat into vomitous convulsions.

  3. Hello Cactus Kate

    Yes, one would hope. One could hope. But....

    Anyway, I encountered the National Party some years back and it aint changed. My experiences with Nat Party was that there is no integrity or honesty there. I watched what they did to branch members and how the decisions to cheat came from division level and above. Later I found the rot is from the top. As has been reported, the fish aint quite dead yet but the head has long since rotted. As much as I dislike that N Hager guy, his book has sections that are accurate. That was disturbing.

    What we have here is a group of political opportunists who have no principles save a mushy yearning for power. Beyond that what are they? What do they stand for exactly?

    Some have a little talent. Some have a little skill. Honestly though, ask you yourself this. How many of them ever did anything productive? When you check it out the answer is depressing.


    I gather you are not in appoval of the calibre and background of the Labour crowd. Teachers, unionists, social workers and dental nurses, student politicians, bureacrats.... Come now! Are they not a good represntation of what NZ is all about?


    PS they ALL make me too ill to vomit.

  4. lgm

    I don't even know if you are a male, but I would rather date you than stick up for the integrity and honesty of the National Party.

    Your evening is likely to be far more pleasant.

  5. Cactus Kate

    Yes I imagine it would be a very interesting evening. There would be plenty of discussion and lots to learn about from you. I'd certainly appreciate finding out more about what you think on various matters and what you think would be the best way to solve the troubles that challenge people presently. Best part is that you'd not need to hold back to be polite. No umbrage to worry about.


  6. LGM

    I have never worried about being polite.

    It's something I am very good at.


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