Monday, 26 November 2007

"Very disturbing" evidence online

KiwiBlog and MikeE both report that the "New Zealand Civil Liberties Union" home page has a download of the surveillance evidence filed in the Manukau District Court to obtain the search warrants on the so called 'Urewera 17.' There is no link given, but I understand Google can do amazing things.

As Mike says, this is definitely NOT "what you'd hear in any gun club," despite John Minto describing it that way after hearing it all in court. It is this stuff about which Minto said everyone in the public gallery was laughing -- "everyone" included the likes of Jane Kelsey, Nandor Tanczos and the editors of Socialist Worker's 'Unity' magazine, ie., the ones whose "friends" were "kidnapped by state terrorists."


  1. Get rid of that question mark, PC! Te Qaeda.

  2. Well well, such peace loving types.

  3. Still not justification for the TSA.

    Should be sufficient under existing law. I doubt it will make it to court however, due to it being impossible to find a jury that isn't biased one way or another.

  4. Indeed not mikee, although there is every reason to keep an eye on them all.

  5. Individual jurors are always biased "one way or another".
    That's why we have twelve of them.

  6. What an interesting read, it would seem a certain "middle-class" poster-girl, much fawned over by the media, was in a lot deeper than she tried to portray...

    "Still not justification for the TSA."
    Absolutely not, but still an interesting read

  7. wot page? (short span of attention)


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