Sunday, 11 November 2007

Current listening ...

More 'filing by lying around' -- here's what's currently lying around my stereo looking well-used from annoying the neighbours:
'Fear of Music' & 'Remain in Light' - Talking Heads. Damn, these are good!
The Valkyrie - Wagner performed by the ENO, in English!
Coleman Hawkins (Ken Burns' compilation)
'Trinity Revisited' - Cowboy Junkies (the 'twenty-years-since-the-original' show)
Samson & Delilah - Saint-Saens
Blanton-Webster Band - Duke Ellington
Bootleg Series (Rare & Unreleased, 1961-1991) - Bob Dylan (and this is the stuff he throws away!)
Oedipus Schmoedipus - Barry Adamson
Django Reinhardt compilation (just add martini)
Kreisler plays Kreisler - Fritz Kreisler
Rachmaninov Piano Concertos 2 & 3 - performed by Rach himself!
Amor ti Vieta - Enrico Caruso (that voice cleaned up and re-set over a modern orchestra. Just brilliant.)
Various Positions - Leonard Cohen (yes folks, Leonard in his 'Greek disco phase,' complete with the original version of 'Hallelujah')
Sailor Story - Hello Sailor (two CDs back out again for barbeque season)
Trout Quintet - Franz Schubert (the perfect early evening sedative)
Real Ambassadors - Dave Brubeck & Louis Armstrong
But One Day - Ute Lemper
Die Walkure - Wagner (the Nilsson, Vickers, Leinsdorf set. Brilliant.)
Beethoven String Quartets - Juillard Quartet
The Good Son - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
League of Crafty Guitarists - Robert Fripp
Primitive Guitars - Phil Manzanera
American Caesar - Iggy Pop
Complete Blam Blam Blam (bloody shame 'Pensioner Lover' never made it the CD. Just wrong, in my humble opinion.)
Discipline - King Crimson (can you spot the Talking Heads connection?)
La Mer - Debussy
And another big pile contains all my old John Cale records, tapes and CDs, getting warmed up for this Friday's show at the Bruce Mason Theatre in Takapuna. Top of the pile this afternoon is:
Fragments of a Rainy Season
Words for the Dying (Dylan Thomas's words set to Cale; a shame the tape's wearing out from over use ...)
Live at the End of Lonely Street - Cale & Chris Spedding, live in 1975. (includes the riff from 'Guts' that Brazier borrowed and used so well in 'Blue Lady,' I'm sure of it)
Oh, and there's also a box of Chris Knox records lying near the door ready to take out and burn now the bastard's sold his soul so cheaply and so cheesily. Bastard.

So, what's lying around near your stereo, or near your door?


  1. Well I had a birthday yesterday, and got a CD of songs picked by the 2007 All Blacks.

    Lets just say that our loss in the QF was pre-ordained :(


  2. JJ Cale, #5; The Band, The Band; Aja Steely Dan.

  3. Adrian Belew?

    God, the stuff one accumulates. :)

    Yah, those Heads' albums are keepers.

  4. Oh & what's Chris Knox gone 'n done now? Was he entertaining the nannies & school-marms?

  5. Well spotted, Sam. Give yourself a chocolate fish. :-)

  6. "Oh & what's Chris Knox gone 'n done now? Was he entertaining the nannies & school-marms?"

    You hadn't noticed he's knocked out a jingle for the Labour Party...

    It includes the refrain, 'You'd better obey Labour, You'd better.' At least, that's how I hear it.


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