Thursday, 8 November 2007

"Bought the building, made the movie ..."

I had a ball down in Christchurch the last couple of days, there to see some clients and to enjoy the premiere of the new movie about Dave Henderson's battle with and eventual victory over the bullies of the IRD.

I really enjoyed seeing the film, and meeting up with so many great people and Not PC blog readers at the after-match (many of whom were both, so a big "Hi!" to you all), and Christchurch gave us two beautiful days to enjoy. Lunching at Governor's Bay yesterday was just gorgeous -- what a bucolic part of the country.

I must confess I took special pleasure staying in Dave's stylish new Hotel So, especially delicious because it's built in what was the very IRD building in which a large part of the story's struggle takes place, bought by Dave after achieving his victory over the thugs. Due diligence, he said, consisted of checking to see that the owner had naming rights on the building (he did; it was renamed Henderson House), and that he could evict them as soon as possible and put something exciting and productive in there. He has.

If you're staying in Christchurch, I can highly recommend the friendly staff and funky facilities of Hotel So. And don't forget, 'We're Here to Help' opens tonight around the country. Feel free to post your review in the comments once you've seen it. As friend Julian says,
This film is essential viewing for everyone, not just to illustrate the nature of the system under which we live but also to show what is possible if one never gives up and also why it is important to stand up for the principle of liberty... A great film about a great man.
It was. The standing ovation at the end for Dave and Rodney Hide was richly deserved. (The only ones not joining in the ovation were a pregnant woman who seemed to have trouble standing, and a seething wanker next to us who we can only presume was related to one of the IRD pricks portrayed in the film.)

Anyway, you can see an interview here with David Henderson just before the premiere. Here is a preview of the film. The main actors in the film were interviewed here. And here's the film's official website. Head out and see it as soon as you can.

UPDATE: I liked it so much I'm watching it again 7:30 tonight at the Rialto in Newmarket. You can now watch it at almost any cinema in the country, but don't let me discourage you from joining me in Newmarket.

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