Sunday, 11 November 2007

Blog of the Week

I haven't seen it myself yet, but a friend tells me the Herald on Sunday, clearly a fine publication, picked as the 'Blog of the Week' my post reflecting on the Solicitor General's decision not to bring charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act: 'Law is the Loser.'

Just thought you'd like to know. :-)


  1. Well done homey...that's the difference between peddling the outrage schtick like Perigo et al, and discussing issues intelligently.

  2. Well done. Looks like the mainstream media (much as some might hate to admit) do follow the blogs, and do recognise that there is much valuable commentary out there.

  3. Sheesh! HOS has taste & attention span? Next they'll discover 'outrage schtick'.

  4. I read the herald on Sunday write through missed that, But I must say that the newspaper is not that great so perhaps you should not be sciting at all!!!!!!!!


  5. Great work PC and as Trevor says "Well deserved".

  6. Thanks everyone.

    And just a note to that first anonymous commenter: I'm reliably informed that last week's blog of the week went to Mr Perigo himself.

    May I recommend you check your premises. :-)

  7. Well done PC, well deserved.

  8. No it wasn't PC - I just retrieved said paper from the recycle bin and checked. Unless BOTW was relegated to the entertainment pages instead of it's usual spot in the Insight section for the occasion ;-)

    I recall it has been BOTW in the past though, so I'll let you off.

  9. Glad it was the recycle bin, Anon, as opposed to the plain old bin. Phew!

    From one who was almost manic when it came to recycling way back when ... (I even used to have amiable dialogue with the Greens who ran the vountary collection in the town carpark every Sat morning which I supported & utilised, prior to council takeover) ... are you sure they don't all end up in the same spot? :)

  10. Sorry: voluntary collection ...


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