Saturday, 6 October 2007


Since David Farrar has posted the locations of his most frequent visitors for the last month, I thought I'd compare his list of visitors to mine, below. It's not just the numbers that are different...
Barclays Capital 250
Ernst & Young 199
Bell Gully 113
Cash Handling Systems 86
Auckland University 85
University Of Kansas 63
Ministry of Social Development 59
Christchurch College Of Education 58
Nelson Marlborough Institute 44
Trinity College Dublin 37
IBM New Zealand 37
International Monetary Fund 36
Massey University 28
Treasury 27
Landcare Research 26
Massachusetts General Hospital 21
Haagse Hogeschool, Amsterdam 20
(Note that this list won't include those of you who aren't using a company or work ISP.) Now, since I'm getting a kick out of seeing from which offices and universities people read this blog, let's see some of the other visitors as well, those six < visits < twenty:
Harvard University
Ministry of Economic Development
UNiversity of Oklahoma
ANZ Bank
auckland university of technology
Columbia University
NZ Trade Development Board
Pennsylvania State University
SUNY, Buffalo
University of Florida
Air New Zealand
Princeton University
Cornell University
NZ Ministry of Health
New Jersey Institute of Technology
The Boeing Company
university of california davis
university of chicago
university of toronto
university of wisconsin madison
yale university
auburn university
bank of america
contact energy limited
ministry of agriculture
morgan stanley group inc.
national aeronautics and space administration
general electric company
georgia department of education
television new zealand
texas a&m university
the university of melbourne
u.s. environmental protection agency
wilson & horton ltd
british broadcasting corporation
calgary board of education
colorado state university
danish network for research and education
University Of Washington, Seattle
University Of Illinois
Bentley College, Boston
Purdue University, Indiana
SUNY, Brooklyn
University Of Minnesota
Brigham Young University, Hawaii
Iowa State University
University Of Maryland
Duke University
New Zealand Trade Development Board
Algorithmica Research Ab, Stockholm
McCann-Erickson Inc, NY
Universita' Degli Studi Di Salerno
Chalmers University, Gothenburg
York College, Pennsylvania
Tennessee Board Of Regents, Nashville
St. Louis University, Connecticut
Indiana University
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, San Francisco
United Nations World Food Programme
Dutch Organization For Applied Scientific Research
Morgans-independent-advisors, London
USDA Office Of Operations, Missouri
California State University Northridge
California College Of Arts And Crafts
Autodesk Inc
VUW, Wellington
Stanford University
North Dakota State University
Seoul National University
East Lothian Council
Pinacle Bank, Indiana
Tampere University Of Technology, Finland
United Technologies Research Center, Massachusetts
MIT, Massachusetts
The Economist, London
St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Tennessee
Universal Studios, California
Southern Illinois University
I really do get a kick out of seeing where my blog posts get to. Thank you all for visiting, wherever and whoever you are. :^)

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  1. Well, I guess it's easy to see who the worst offenders are for thieving from their employers by using the 'net for browsing blogs. ;-)
    Or are they all online only during their lunch breaks?


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