Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Vet Clinic - Organon Architecture

A vet clinic I designed for a close friend nearly twenty years ago to inspire her to work towards her own practice. She did. :-)

The clinic is designed to give a presence to the street, of course, and it places the hospitalised animals -- the very reason for the clinic -- at its very heart, with flat above, surgery to the rear and consulting rooms and waiting areas spilling out to the street, and opening out to gardens. There are no hallways; internal circulation takes place through the central 'hospital' area (encouraging continual monitoring of patients). All other spaces are spun out from this, reflecting its importance, and this great central space comes through on the exterior as the 'crown' of the building. A union of function and art.


  1. "There are no hallways"

    You'd like my dad, he hates hallways as well. They're such a waste of space, just transit areas. That's what I like about my house and the one's you've designed (though I've only been in Keith's, everywhere is a room doing something.

  2. "hey're such a waste of space, just transit areas."

    That's it. At around two-thousand dollars a square metre for new building, who wants to waste money on hallways!

  3. Sound like an interesting plan. Can't quite imagine it in my head, but it sound like it could work.


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