Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Nutjobs or something more?

So far the arrested seventeen have been charged only under evidence brought under the Arms Act and (I understand) under the Crimes Act, and since name suppression and suppression of the facts has been in action at (we understand) the request of the defendants' lawyers, we've all rather been in the dark as to what is going on.

That vacuum has left plenty of scope for speculation, which plenty of numb nuts have been happy to fill by yelling "racism!" "state oppression!" and "unconditional support!"

Even the often sensible Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn has been seen waving the simpering 'these people wouldn't hurt a fly' flag, suggesting this week for example that defending the seventeen -- "not the sort" of people who strike you as terrorists, he says without hearing the evidence -- is a "core issue of freedom." Without the evidence it's simply impossible to make a judgement about the charges laid so far, and like everyone else I look forward to seeing if there's sufficient evidence to bring charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act, and just what that evidence is.

I/S appears to offer unconditional support however, saying "Whatever evidence they have, it had better be good - because its very difficult to see what three environmental film-makers, a Palestinian rights campaigner, a stirrer and a nutjob have in common." As it turns out, it's not too difficult at all. All of them for a start are anti-everything nutjobs who hate capitalism, hate industry and hate what civilisation has brought to New Zealand, which in itself isn't a crime, of course, but when it's combined with possession of napalm, molotov cocktails and high powered snipers rifles it should at least make you sit up and pay attention.

And Trevor Loudon suggests what at least one more of those common threads might be: the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Read Trevor's posts on the subject over recent days to see what's already on the record connecting the local anti-colonialists, anti-capitalists and anti-industrialists with the Mexican Zapatista movement, an armed revolutionary group which in 1994 "declared war on the Mexican state."

And keep an eye on the evidence adduced under the Terrorism Suppression Act when it's finally made public, and on who is keeping it suppressed if it isn't.


  1. The hypocrisy by the Socialists is typically disgusting.

    The chaps most in favour of trampling over "rights" of Capitalists are those shrieking about 'rights' now.

    The chaps who want a totalitarian Communist paradise are those attacking 'the State' over this matter.

    The chaps who would use iron bars and baseball bats to shut someone up are shrieking about 'Freedom of speech'...(something which will not exist if they got anywhere near the levers of power).

    Yes...typical and disgusting.

  2. Remember to emphasise that owning such weapons should be quite legal and quite legitimate in a free society.

    Planning to attack people with them should not be.

    Until we know the content of the "training camps" we can't distinguish one from the other.

  3. I don't want nutjobs running around with AK's, whether they are planning to 'attack people' or not, whether they are licensed to carry firearms for 'legitimate purposes' or not. Nor do most NZers I suspect.

  4. Anon : I don't want nutjobs running around with AK's, whether they are planning to 'attack people' or not, whether they are licensed to carry firearms for 'legitimate purposes' or not.

    The Libertarians support that you (the individual) have a right to bear arms.


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