Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Not so peaceful pacifists

The arrest of seventeen anti-colonial, anti-industrial and anti-globalisation activists around the country on firearms offences leaves most of us in the dark about what the hell is going on, reliant on reports from the courts about the firearms charges under which the seventeen are being held, and on what is already known about the people arrested and those like Annette Sykes who are defending them - who if you'll remember "jumped for joy" when Al Qaeda's hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Centre killing 3,000 people.

Media bans on court reports don't help with the first, and name suppression doesn't help us with the second, so we're left to speculate with the thin gruel of information left to us, and the commonality of those arrested.

We do know that the people arrested are not friends of freedom. We do know that "military style training camps" are alleged in Tame Iti's neighbourhood. Sykes calls these "Wananga" on "Maori sovereignty," and Iti's partner insisted they were "bush camps" held "to help develop the identities of young people"-- "bush camps" and wananga that apparently involved a bomb being detonated.

We know that Auckland "peace" activists were raided for a Sig assault rifle, a BB rifle with a laser sight and a machete; that Wellington peace" activists were raided on similar grounds; that Tame Iti was raided and found in possession of firearms, napalm and molotov cocktails; that one man was arrested in Palmerston North; one woman in Hamilton; that Christchurch environmental activists were targeted, (but not raided as the police had no search warrant); and that these search warrants have been issued and weapons seized after a year-long investigation of "a core group of about 20 people but with 40 more potentially involved," with a view to laying charges under anti-terrorism laws. Notes Scoop:
With one exception each charge laid in Wellington alleges that a relatively large group of people – a number of other people have been arrested in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty & Palmerston North – were “unlawfully in possession of a firearm except for some lawful purpose” in Rotorua on each of six occasions.Charge sheets filed in Wellington alleges offending occurred on:
16th-19th November 2006 (with a semi-automatic rifle)
10th to 14th January 2007 (a rifle)
26th to 29th April 2007 (firearm)
21st to 25th June 2007 (rifle)
16th to 19th August 2007 (shotgun & rifle)
13th to 16th September 2007 (Molotov cocktails & military semi-auto rifle)
Names mentioned so far as being either arrested or targeted include Tame Iti, "peace" activist Sam Buchanan, Radical Youth organiser and Students for Justice in Palestine head Omar Hamed, Save Happy Valley Coalition organiser Francis Mountier, and Jamie Lockett, and members of organisations like Radical Youth (which explains why John Minto was out and about last night defending those arrested) , the Wildcat Anarchist Collective, and A Space Inside (aka Necropolis) . Blogger Trevor Loudon, who likes to keep an eye on those with indelicate designs on the country has run profiles on all of these characters in recent months, which he's already re-posting. Keep an eye out.

Reaction to the arrests so far has been mixed, with most people waiting for information before commenting. However, Indymedia is already running comments like this:
This is a vicious, violent cowards attack and demands a measured response. I propose that monies be raised in cyberspace and anyplace in order to predict when exactly the police minister and PM will be permanently retired... Fuck the democratic-socialist scum that always turn to fascism - we will bury you. You want the fucking dark ages back you better be careful what youse wish for.
And Martin "I'm a fat poseur" Bradbury insists he has inside information that "when it comes out what they were planning Middle NZ is going to go fucking nuts" -- which could mean whatever you want it to mean, really -- the Maori Party claim this is a move against Maori

Meanwhile, Lindsay Perigo offers this observation:
The arrest of members of pseudo-Mordi Sovereignty cells, green groups and "peace" activists for their participation in terrorist training camps in isolated areas of New Zealand's Bay of Plenty should surprise no one, says SOLO (Sense of Life) Principal Lindsay Perigo. "Especially when Annette 'I jumped for joy after 9/11' Sykes comes out in their defence. We've long known these types had the destruction of western freedoms in their sights. "The police are to be congratulated on doing their job for once, instead of persecuting marijuana smokers and those who defend themselves from murderous crims.
With so little information so far, it's impossible to judge whether actions so far are justified, but we do know already from their past histories that the people arrested are not friends of freedom, and from the weapons seized that "peace" activists shouldn't always be taken at their word. I would hope that if the charges are justified that justice will be allowed to be done and that we can see it being done -- and that we won't see a gutless backdown and the release of people full of hate with new grievances to nurse.

UPDATE 1: Media reaction around the world is less pacific than the apologetics of local media.
It is understood the people under investigation had been attending military-style training camps in the Ureweras for months. Police are believed to have suspected that some of the instructors at the remote camps had Army or police backgrounds and were experienced in handling weapons.Police investigations indicate some members of the Tuhoe tribe, who point out their ancestors never signed the Treaty of Waitangi, have been involved...

Sources have suggested the training camps were intended to prepare a terrorist group that planned assassinations for causes such as declaring the Tuhoe region in the Bay of Plenty an autonomous state.Two other sources told the Herald they had attended military-style guerrilla training in the Ureweras.

UPDATE 3: Lockett has been released on bail. "Judge Josephine Bouchier said that on the evidence before her at the moment, Lockett could not be considered to pose such a significant danger to the public that he should be in custody." Summarising, says Stuff:

The Crown said police had intercepted communications in which statements like the following had been uttered:

  • "I'm training up to be a vicious, dangerous commando"; #para
  • "White men are going to die in this country"; #para
  • "I'm at war. I'm declaring war on this country very soon". #para It described Lockett as someone who was an active participant in a group that had the potential to make a violent impact on New Zealand society.
  • Nope. Nothing in statements like that and the possession of weaponry with which to do it to indicate he'd be a danger to the public.

    UPDATE 4: From Russell Brown:
    This is the Trade Me feedback page for one of the men arrested, who traded as hunt4life. He bought a hell of a lot of stuff -- ammunition, combat gear, at least one semi-automatic rifle (of a type that could plausibly used for hunting) -- and sold very little. Whatever else might be discovered about hunt4life, his Trade Me rep was first-class.

    I didn't see cyber-hori's feedback, but Scoop's photograph of the search warrant for the Wellington house suggests a similar haul.

    Would these people really do what is alleged? I don't know, but this blog, which seems connected to some of those arrested, seems to countenance armed resistance in theory. On Indymedia, one looney (who also wanted to come to the New Year "freedom fighters" gathering that seems of interest to the police) is calling for an end to peaceful protest and to "rise and strike down those who have inflicted their pain into the Name of Freedom."
    UPDATE 5: A commenter asks me, " shouldn't there be a libertarian right-to-bear-arms defence in this case?" And is answered by another intelligent commenter:
    In itself, I don't see a problem with having firearms training.

    The important factor is the intention: training with firearms for sport or personal reasons - ok. Training with firearms for committing crimes - not ok.

    Judging by the number of firearms charges, it's likely that the use of firearms hasn't exactly been legit. Then again, "except for some lawful purpose" is dubious - self defence isn't even considered a lawful purpose in NZ.
    So there's the point in a nutshell: Training with firearms to commit crimes is not okay, and anyone doing so should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The problem is that self-defence isn't properly recognised in NZ law, and we've learned that those who administer NZ law can't exactly be taken on trust. In other words, we won't know for sure whether "a libertarian right-to-bear-arms defence" exists until or unless the full case is presented before a court.

    UPDATE 6: Says Lance Davey at SOLO:
    Whatever Tame Iti and his ilk were planning and training for was not peaceful protest. The nature of the groups involved—communist, eco-terrorist, brown supremacist, Islamo-fascist—and the reported weapons seizures puts paid to any idea of lawful protest. Groups such as those are fighting for one freedom only, the freedom to oppress others at the point of a gun. These self-described “freedom fighters” are fighters of freedom, not for it. They are enemies of individual liberty. But the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. This is still Nanny State that we are dealing with here, and she is still, for the most part, an evil old bitch.
    He points out that because "the state has arrested the 'bad guys' does not instantly make them the 'good guys'."
    We must not lose our heads, and we must not allow agenda-driven MPs to manipulate the masses into supporting anti-freedom legislation.New Zealand First MP Ron Mark [for example] has already raised the idea of abolishing the right to freedom of association. More calls for more state oppression of individual liberty will follow. People should not allow fear to cloud their judgment.


    1. "Peace activists"?
      Sounds like a member of Al Qaeda!
      Bin Laden being "a Spokesperson for the religion of peace".
      I am so Happy they busted these scum!
      This is big blow the enemies of equality before the law, and Free enterprise.
      Tim Wikiriwhi

    2. we do know already from their past histories that the people arrested are not friends of freedom, and from the weapons seized that "peace" activists shouldn't always be taken at their word

      No they shouldn't, but I hope 'friends of freedom' are also going to be properly sceptical about how easily the Suppression of Terrorism Act is being thrown around. AFAIC, the Police better have a rock solid case that's going to stand up to rational and rigorous public scrutiny.

    3. Robert Winefield16 Oct 2007, 10:05:00

      "AFAIC, the Police better have a rock solid case"

      My hope is that one day the NZ Police will 'mature' to the point where this is the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

      The problem is that Police standards have slipped (or at least that is the perception).

      If they screw this up so soon after the Rotorua rape case, then I shudder to think what will happen.

      Worse still, in my estimation, there isn't a politician in any party with the energy or vision to be the Police minister that fixed the Police and restored the Public's trust in them.

    4. Good point Craig. We will all be interested in seeing this test case.
      Terrorism is a very ambiguous term.
      It is however moot to argue over this superfluity when the real issue is the intensions of these extremists and where they get their crazy Ideas ie the UN, Al Bore, Helen Clark, State Universities etc.
      We need to dismantle the Socialist machine that manufactures fanatical racial separatism and Green extremism including leading a revolt in the United Nations in the name of Individual rights, Equality before the Law, and Free market Capitalism.
      Tim Wikiriwhi

    5. PC, shouldn't there be a libertarian right-to-bear-arms defence in this case?

    6. Intentions are important.

      For example, if there was something like this (http://www.frontsight.com/) in NZ, where civilians can go and get tactical firearms training, the police would go nuts. Yet, in itself, I don't see a problem with having firearms training.

      The important factor is the intention: training with firearms for sport or personal reasons - ok. Training with firearms for committing crimes - not ok.

      Judging by the number of firearms charges, it's likely that the use of firearms hasn't exactly been legit. Then again, "except for some lawful purpose" is dubious - self defence isn't even considered a lawful purpose in NZ.

    7. I think the main conclusion we can draw from such limited evidence is that "Te Qaeda" is an awesome name and should be used whenever possible in referring to these events. I just hope for the police credibility's sake the "firearms" aren't a bunch of old hunting rifles and shotties.

    8. pseudo-Mordi

      What racist crap. Why do you associate with people like this?

    9. I agree Tane. Mocking the way white lefties pronounce Maori words is indeed racist.

      I'm just wondering, if you are Maori, as your name suggests, why it bothers you?

    10. Tane, am I supposed to be the Pseudo Mordi?
      My Mana is increased by standing on the same soil with these virtuous Individuals to the same degree that my Mana would be defiled by standing with the likes of Tama Iti or Annette Sykes.
      I am an individual among equals.
      I am free to be as Mardi or as Christian or as carnivorous, or tree hugging as I please!
      Libertarianism is not the enemy of Maori culture but the vocal enemy of extortion and apartheid law and violent racism.
      Tim Wikiriwhi (Real Maori Individualist of the 21st century!)

    11. I find it interesting and rather ironic that this is happening in New Zealand. After all, our government, the state owned (and much of the other) media, our primary and secondary school system, the univerities and our health system are already dominated by socialists, Maori sovereignty activists, eco-taliban greenies, anarchists and anti-capitalists - so I would have thought that these scum have already achieved their objectives in large measure anyway.

      It seems that the great Kiwi appeasement stratgy of the '70s, '80s and '90s hasn't paid off at all well. No matter what society gives these parasites in the way of bribes and brown nosing, they will always want more.

    12. You're right, Dave. It's more than ironic that all of those we know have been arrested have also made a career out of sucking off the state tit.

      We've got everyone from so-called anarchists who are nothing more than state-tit-sucking bludge scum, "peace activists" with guns, and "social worker" Tame Iti declaring "Tuhoe independence" while the Tuhoe "health trust" with whom he "works" is sucking off the taxpayers' tit.

      Ironies abound.

    13. These guys are all fellow travellers at heart. Irrespective of any personal prejudice, the common thread linking these characters is a fundamental belief in socialism.

      It really is the scourge of the planet.

      Hi Tim W! Good to hear that you're as passionate as ever! :)

    14. I'm p155ed about the giggy way in which the media are approaching this story. The media seem incredulous that domestic terrorist could develop and have concentrated on the police's 'over reaction'.

      As any Israeli or Solomon Islander will tell you, knuckleheads shooting off guns and exploding bombs with the intention to intimidate aren't 'freedom fighters'.

    15. Yo Sus, I'm well and dandy!
      Hope You are Too!

    16. Yeah, greg b.... yesterday I was amazed at Bill Ralston on Radio Live. His contribution was a stream of nonplussed "Gosh, golly... Oohhh... this can't be true surely? There must be some mistake...! Well, I'll be darned... Nope, there must be an error somewhere folks.."

      Pathetic. I know he almost singlehandedly screwed TVNZ's "News" department, but Geez, I thought he must have SOME brains. Obviously not.

    17. These events vindicate what I have been saying for years that Waitangi racism would end in violence and that this was where Labour and National were leading us. This vindicates the whole Libertarianz stance as to the urgency with which treaty separatism must be abolished.
      Tim Wikiriwhi

    18. It also shows the sort of violent character and political atmosphere that Bainimarama is trying to eliminate in Fiji in favour of racial equality.
      He and Fijian Indians face the same type of violent racial hatred today in Fiji. Fiji has it much worse!
      Tim Wikiriwhi

    19. I don't know guys. Given that Thursday Helen might get more powers if the anti terrorism act passes, that all this mention if environmental activists can only hurt the Greens, whose voters Labour currently desperately needs, and the suppression of free speech next year, I wonder who really is behind this.

      I mean, who wins with this?

      So far I haven't seen *any* solid evidence if people who are plotting a coup. Yes, some military style arms and training, happens all the time in the US.

      A guy that proclaims that it's not the time to be a white man in NZ, well Jeanette says that this is the time that man should be not at all, all the time in parliament.

    20. What evidence do the media and people want just over 24 hours after an arrest is made? Evidence is never publicised immediately.
      They're criminal cases and the evidence will come out in court. It's not entertainment for the giggling gerties of NZ media and the golly-gosh public.

      It seems that certain tinfoil-hat-wearing people in the BOP are fantasists of the same bitter, atavistic ilk as the Orangemen.

    21. This is also what happens when you fail to prosecute Green extremist crimes such as trespass and vandalism Re: Huntly PowerStation earlier this year and a lot of forestry equipment got sabotaged down on the West coast of the South Island a few years back. Here in Hamilton just recently we get Green vandals spray painting anti development political tripe on the wall of a private development who cut down a row of diseased Oak trees and yet no arrest. They have been getting away with breaking the law for years and have grown bolder by the day. Now that the government has given in to the anti fossil fuel generation Greenpeace activism vindicates their criminal activities in their amoral minds because they achieve the desired results.
      Years of appeasement, on top of all the pseudo science has made these radicals believe they have a valid cause.
      Tim Wikiriwhi

    22. FYI the US Consulate and offshore US security think this is a bit of a laugh.

      The opinion is that is it an over-reaction by NZ Police and will backfire on the govt. Maybe even make a Maori-Nat coalition more likely.

      I don't disagree with the post here, I'm just saying.

    23. Over reaction? It's not exactly Waco. Or Iraq! The yanks have got their own over reactions that are beyond a laugh.

      No worries, I think I'll relax and have a homebrew.

    24. Clark ought to congratulate herself on a job well done.
      She wanted to have a revival of Pre-European Maori culture...well she’s got it!
      Armed Savages hiding in the Bush!


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