Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New blog: Free Hamilton

Lifelong libertarian and Hamiltonian Steve Hoefsloot (yes, I have extensive evidence that the two are not mutually exclusive) has a new blog: Free Hamilton. Welcome to the blogosphere, Steve,


  1. Hamiltron reprazent. *subscribes*


  2. Thanks PC for Baptizing Steve into the cyber wars!
    This is going to be great for Waikato freedom fighters and for anyone fighting local body tyranny where ever they are in NZ.
    I hope everyone helps Steve make his blog into a Waikato leader with input and help to keep up to date with the issues.
    Issues facing other regions will have implications for the Waikato and visa versa so even though Steve’s is a Hamilton blog, I am sure the discussion will encompass the broader political scene as a whole and be a useful source of Ideas for helping Libertarians get into their local councils no matter where they live.
    Lets us Sally forth!
    Tim Wikiriwhi


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