Monday, 1 October 2007

'Hollow Men'?

As you might now realise, there are two sets of popularly named Hollow Men: those whom Nicky Hager undeservedly dubbed 'Hollow Men,' and the successors to that crew who are doing their level best to live up to the term.

Of the former group, I agree with Elijah's characterisation of the fuss that became a book that became a drama (one that Deborah Coddington reviews):

One thing which I have never been able to understand the fuss about the Hollow Men, and my response to the hysteria was ..."So what?"
Prime Minister Brash would seek to implement his policies...."So what?"
Brash had a meeting with some religious people...."So what?" Brash hates left wingers ..."So what?"
National would privatise certain health services ..."So what?"

When you see Brash's successor shivering in fear of taking up any policy position that hasn't already been deemed acceptable by the ruling party, you realise just how vigorously "So what!" should have been shouted when Hager's trash first hit the sewers of the mainstream.


  1. I would love to know whether Tricky Nicky's touring play, which is pro-Labour-anti-National, would fall under the EFB Bill and secondly, whether all the lefty drivel on C4 such as Grey Lynn Breakfast et al. would be affected?

  2. Peter C, your bagging of John Key, and the Gnats in general, used to really piss me off.

    .. Now I'm beginning to think that you were right all along ..

  3. And I was always wishing you were right all along. :-/

  4. Good points, GB. The spectre of Big Brother truly looms larger with every thought of the EFB.

    BTW, does anybody really watch C4? I forget it exists ...


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