Thursday, 11 October 2007

Crikey, it's cold outside

Lubos Motl reports that the global average temperature for "September 2007 was the 7th coldest month among 81 months since January 2001. It has made it to the 9% of the coolest months of the 21st century so far."
In the last month, the global temperature was just 0.12 Celsius degrees above the long-term average which means that it was 0.78 Celsius degrees cooler than the temperature in April 1998 when the anomaly was +0.9 Celsius degrees. The main reason is La Nina that is getting stronger and might continue to do so for a few months.
So it's cold all around the globe. And for us down here in the south?
The Southern hemisphere was 0.015 Celsius degrees cooler (!) than the long-term average, fifth coldest month since January 2001. Antarctica has cooled down by roughly 1 Fahrenheit degree in the last 50 years.
Brrrr! It's cold outside. Colder than a tax-taker's smile.

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  1. PC.
    I used some of your material at the Hamilton Environment center "Meet the candidates" meeting. (re local body elections which I am standing for Mayor and HCC West ward.)
    I stood up and promoted individualist concern for the environment, and conservation. I poured scorn on environmental extremism pointing out among other things Green peace vandalism and trespass at Huntly power station, Kyoto, the politicisation of science, the Global warming B.S etc, and my quotation of Claus Vaclav went down like Cod Liver Oil! A lady in the audience was uttering "O my" every time I said something!
    Election meetings like this are designed for fanatics to spot the candidates who are make the right sheepish noises in regards to the green agenda by using the buzz words like UN protocol, sustainability, footprint, carbon credit, etc.
    Kyoto is big in local body politics. Watch out!


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