Monday, 17 September 2007

Sporting questions

Another great sporting weekend. And some questions:

How good would it have been if Georgia scored that last try against Ireland?

When you first heard the South Africa-England score was 36-0, did you have to ask which team got zero?

What chance Tonga or Samoa to beat England? Or one to beat up England, and the other to beat them? How good would that be?

Are there any northern hemisphere teams at all that are firing? Or will it be a SANZAR semi-final line-up?

Do you feel any sympathy for Gareth Thomas (whose Rugby World Cup is probably over), who if he hadn't so cynically taken out Australia's new first five he might not have been so decisively flattened by Stirling Mortlock?

How come no team seems able to take advantage of Australia's almost non-existent scrum?

Did anyone bother to get up to watch the All Blacks-Portugal game? When do we get out first real game?

Is anyone watching 20/20 cricket? Does anyone care?

Why do NZ rugby league teams have no ticker? Should anyone care?

Can you see anyone else but Port Adelaide and Geelong in the AFL final? Or is it only me that cares?


  1. What chance Tonga or Samoa to beat England?

    Perhaps 40% chance, and a bit of more praying (which both teams usually do before and after a game), then the chance decreases to 0%.

  2. Best NZ effort over the wknd was the Black Sticks' 1-0 victory over Australia.

    In Melbourne, I think; but I stand corrected, such has been the almost non-existent coverage.

    Re Warriors: Was loathe to say it aloud, but TBPH I've thought they were a year away from the finals for the last week or two ...

  3. Sus dear, NZ league teams havealways been "one year away from the finals."

    No ticker, you see.

  4. You're welcome to jump aboard Geelong, you know. :-)

  5. Not 'always' PC. There was one glorious year .. and one bloody 40/20 to bugger it up!

    However, I have faith in Cleary & Price for next year. And spkg of faith, is it not just a wee bit ironic that an Objectivist supports a team who for years sported God? :)

  6. Ah yes, but my belief in God doesn't require faith. God's divinity at full forward was self evident. :-)

  7. "God's divinity at full forward was self evident."

    Proof of omnipotence, then?!


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