Monday, 10 September 2007

Postmodern Osama

Doesn't Osama Bin Laden's latest message to the world look familiar. Railing against capitalism, multinationals, global warming; praising Chomsky and talking about 'blood for oil'...

He could be another post-modern academic, couldn't he -- one that embraces death as we embrace life.

UPDATE: I've been told I should have posted a link to a postmodern academic who embraces death instead of Osama's own putrid expression of wish fulfilment, so here's a link to one poxy professor I posted here last year, the Ebola loving Dr Eric Pianka, who wishes for a dose of his favourite virus to be visited upon ninety percent of the human population.

Makes Osama look positively benevolent by comparison, doesn't he. "We're no better than bacteria," says the pustulent Pianks. Speak for yourself, buddy.


  1. My Monday morning brain-haze might be too extensive to get your point here, but your link goes to a quote from bin Laden - I'm not sure exactly which 'death-loving' post-modern academic you are singling out here?


  2. Maybe it's not as clear as I thought, but you don't see the parallels between Osama's worldview and that of postmodern academics?

    Given that he's explicitly declared he loves death, shouldn't that at least cause some postmodern academics to ask themselves some questions?

  3. PC: I don't see why postmodern academics should be asking themselves anything. Should those who advocate lower taxes be fretting that Osama advocates a flat 2.5% tax?

    I hope this hasn't been motivated by the stupendously lazy comparison by Andrew Bolt making the rounds at the moment, that bin Laden is a 'hero of the left'.


  4. The rants of insane mass murderers tell us they are mad; they do not tell us anything about the soundness or otherwise of what they're ranting about. Remember: Hitler was a vegetarian.

    Relatedly, OBL also banged on about low taxes, but any attempt to link his hateful death-worshipping worldview to that of free marketeers would be specious.

  5. Sorry, DenMT, didn't see you'd got in already with the flat tax thing.

  6. ultimately, DenMT is right. Just because bin laden adopts some leftist post-modern viewpoints doesn't mean those viewpoints are wrong.

    According to the experts, this latest rant may be the work of Adam Yahiye Gadahn or at least contain his influence. Either way, bin Laden is getting less sane every speech.

  7. What Osama says is not so much clever, as predictable for someone wanting to win in Iraq and everywhere else.

    He's looked at how he can "win" in the minds of people and has selected the button issues of a very large number of us all in the West:

    1. Fear of death. He bangs on about deaths in Iraq and how it's a swamp for young Americans. That mightn't mean too much to a native of Georgia with a military tradition and six kids, but it's a frightening prospect to a New Yorker with one child.
    Bring in guilt for killing Iraqis and it's a winner with a large chunk of the population.

    2. Tax. Some weeks ago I compared Fed taxes per head for a marginal political state like Ohio to NZ. Ohio, $8000, NZ $9200. But Ohio also have State taxes of $9000. That's just dividing budgets by people, but gives an idea. Osama is on a winner here to some degree.

    3. Capitalism and multinationals are good for a rise on the Left anytime. Interesting that in the US, the managers of big national enterprises tend to be republicans, but the owners tend to be dems. For NZ, think the Fletcher family.

    4. Chumpsky is a good choice anytime. Like his soulmate Osama he's adept at pushing Leftish buttons and telling fanciful lies. And like Osama, he's a fellow closet millionaire.

    5. AGW is a clear winner. Again a natural button on the Left because it's based on a little truth spun into grandiose lies. It also has the requisite hypocrisy where neither Osama nor el Gore or a Greenie driving an SUV give a rats arse about AGW in their personal lives.

    I could go on, but the point is made that Osama is just pushing buttons that have some wide appeal or blindness.. plus a number of issues where hypocrisy is present.

    ..I'll get me coat.


  8. As well as the usual rant, I found two of OBL's lies in a casual glance through the translation. Viz P4:

    Lie #1 - "Rumsfeld and his aides murdered 2 million villagers".
    Donald Rumsfeld was not the US Sec of Defense during the Vietnam War, but during 1975-77 under Gerald Ford AFTER the war was over.

    Lie #2 - "Kennedy wanted to stop this unjust war, that angered the owners of the major corporations who were benefiting from its continuation, and so Kennedy was killed".
    In 1961 Pres Kennedy sent 1,364 American advisors to Sth Vietnam; in 1962 a further 9,865 pilots were inaction; and by the time of his untimely death Nov 1963 there were 15,500 US troops in the country, and continued to rise. So much for the claim that he saw the war as "unjust".

    I know it really doesn't much matter, except that these are illustrations of Bin Laden's psychotic claims which his followers [and the Leftists] believe.

  9. Lunatic academics and lunatic OBL, same sort of people. OBL has the wherewithall and the ability to act. Make no mistake, lefty academics would do just as evil given the opportunity. They'd set up camps and sacrifice anyone "for the cause." They do it to young minds already. Molesters they be.



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