Wednesday, 5 September 2007

No spam please, unless you're from offshore

It's impossible to express my joy at another well-thought through government law coming into force this morning to protect me from people's unwanted attentions, and to make life for the organisers of legitimate email lists more difficult.

Its exciting to think that, if only ninety-seven percent of spam didn't originate from offshore, that we'd now have a law to deal with it.

Among a retinue of useless, valueless and ineffective law written onto NZ's law books in recent years, is this perhaps the most derisory of all? I'll still have invitations in my inbox to send money NOW to Nigeria and to pay ten dollars for ten extra inches, but I'll have a problem receiving (for example) regular technical updates from the likes of manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and systems that I need to run my business efficiently.

The NZ Government: making life easier for NZ business.

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  1. Hi, I'm from the Anti-Spam Compliance Unit and I'm here to help.


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