Friday, 28 September 2007

Labour-lite back down. Again.

Yesterday I described National's health discussion document as timid. "With so little to get excited about," I said, "no wonder attention focussed instead on National's so-called secret plans to remove the cap on GPs' fees, a necessary but insufficient lifting of a restriction that should never have been imposed in the first place."

Today, words like simpering and spineless might be better descriptions of John Boy's Labour-lite and Phony Tony, his health spokesthing: they've already backed down on the "secret" proposal to loosen the leash even just a little bit on GPs.

Pathetic. One would say they lack the courage of their convictions -- if they had any.

Said Colin Espiner the other day,
There have been too many “me-too” responses from the Opposition lately, on everything from KiwiSaver to foreign policy to nuclear energy to climate change. Sooner or later, it has got to come up with some policy of its own. Preferably policy that differs from that of the Government.
Looks like "later," if ever. It's looking more and more like the epithet "hollow men" was used one leadership regime too early.


  1. Imagine them fighting against the Nazis, they would have negotiated away the whole of continental Europe before going oops maybe he wants Britain next.

    Couldn't sustain the argument on principle and fact, whimpered and ran like little girls when big sister Helen and her arse rimming sycophants bleat like the predictable leftwing sheep they are.

    The next election will be won by Labour - in principle if not name.

  2. richard mcgrath28 Sep 2007, 10:47:00

    Jesus wept, these guys are total invertebrates. There was a tiny ray of hope with the proposal to allow GPs to set their own fees, but they have wimped out again. Clark is quite right to laugh at them. What a fucking circus.

    Disclosure: I am one of those GPs who woke this morning to find the ray of hope snuffed out.

  3. Good reference to the hollow men. The National Socialists disgust me: between the lot of them they haven't a clue about those two concepts: philosophy, and from that, principles.

    Brash was such a giant next to these sell outs and charlatans.

    Still, they're making it very easy to vote Libertarians and ACT.

    Mark Hubbard

  4. Exactly, Scott. And I said as much in an email to ZB.

    I'd just love, for once, for the opposition in the face of predictable lefty "it's unfair" bleating, to find some balls & tell them to 'back off' in the name of freedom.

    Jesus! How hard could it be?

  5. It'd be amazing to watch the fall out if Key lost the un-loseable election. Judging by present form he is likely to lose it.

    He must have some amazing advisors.



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