Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Howard or Costello?

Tim Blair offers a summary of the "civil war in right-wing [Australian] punditland" over whether or not John Howard should quickly step down in favour of Treasurer Peter Costello.
Bolt and Janet Albrechtsen believe John Howard - currently being mauled in opinion polls - should cede the Prime Ministership to Peter Costello ahead of the next election; Piers Akerman and Christopher Pearson think Howard should stay.

Put me in the Howard camp ... not just because I believe he can win, but because the argument that installing Costello would reduce post-election chaos among the Liberals presumes too much will remain static between now and whenever the election is held. It’s also defeatist and excessively tactical; you fight the battle in front of you, not the battle beyond. Besides, the debate is largely irrelevant. John Howard isn’t inclined to quit, and that extends to matters beyond domestic politics.
UPDATE: The Australian raises the possibility that today is the day. "Unconfirmed rumours have swept parliament house that two of John Howard's colleagues believe he should step down." And “something is on in parliament house.” [Hat tip Tim Blair again]


  1. Costello is an unelectable grey man. The guy has no charisma, unlike Little Johnnie. John Howard has been behind in the polls each time an election comes along. At the last minute he pulls something out of the hat.

    BTW it just would not do to have Rudd as the PM of Australia. The guy was biffed out of a strip club, not because he was drunk but because he behaved in an indecent manner towards the girls. The bouncers in NY are tloerant, but not that tolerant.


  2. "Isn't inclined to quit" sounds like Clark.

  3. Anyone have some pointers on why Howard is polling so badly? The alternative isn't particularly appealing. Are people just tired of Howard? Is there more behind it?

    In NZ we have a bit of the same, the alternative to Labour isn't appealing, but Labour is simply an insane dangerous bunch of control freaks unfortunately. They have to go, but I'm not happy with the replacement.

  4. The difference between Howards government and Clarks is that Howards government is at least competent.

    The aussies are just bored, yeah things are going well, money is coming in, unemployment all time low,predicted growth increasing....but they want a change and Rudd is non threatening.

    I lived over there for the past year and I didn't sense the disgust in the government that we have here. They have made there mind up, Howard wont win and Costello cant win. The libs are really in damage limitation mode.


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