Friday, 14 September 2007

Harder than Play School for whacky Jacqui Dean

The all-too easily fooled National MP and shadow Drugs Czar Jacqui Dean reveals this morning in another deluded revelation that it was "left wing bloggers" who exposed her idiocy in wanting to ban water -- a surprise I'm sure to the mostly ACT Party activists who pulled off the hoax.

If you missed this before, then co-hoaxer MikeE has the whole story on his blog. Scoop has Whacky Jacqui's letter to Banderton seeking "a view on the banning" of dihydrogen monoxide, ie., water. And Radio Live's website now has the audio of this morning's interview in which poor Dean says mean left-wingers are after her [scroll down to "LUSH talks to Jacqui Dean..."].

Can someone please send the deluded fool a tinfoil hat for the weekend?

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