Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Erickson by Erickson

The late Don Erickson's own home, which is where he had his studio and office and which he designed, built and lived in for forty years. From his Chicago Tribune obituary:
A disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect Don Erickson's 55-year career featured houses and buildings that were delicate, beautiful and always original.

"Every building is a unique piece of art," said his wife, Patricia, citing a building she and her husband called the Bird Cage apartments near Ridge and Pratt Boulevards on the Far North Side of Chicago. "[The building] inspired me to become an architect," said Mettawa architect Thomas Heinz [who is writing a biography of his mentor]. He said Mr. Erickson's design incorporates thin vertical black metal elements reminiscent of bird cage wires against a creamy rough stone structure. Perhaps Mr. Erickson's best-known design is Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, completed in the 1980s.
More on Erickson and his design philosophy at this post showing three houses by the man in his prime.

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