Friday, 21 September 2007

Christopher Monckton: Clark/Key cap-and-trade scheme "ludicrous"

He appeared in recent issues of 'The Free Radical' incinerating in turn Al Gore, Nicholas Stern and the IPCC, and, in ten minutes on Leighton Smith's radio show this morning, Christopher Monckton did more to incinerate the lunatic cross-party cap-and-trade scam and the whole emperor's new clothes warmist nonsense than anyone else anywhere in almost any amount of time.

Listen in here [audio] and realise why Al Gore steadfastly refuses to debate Monckton. Great radio.

[NB: Monckton interview starts about seventeen minutes in. Expect to see a file with just the Monckton interview here at this page shortly.]

1 comment:

  1. He's brilliant. The sad thing about the ZB interview is that it was so short.

    Where is the TV documentary (or in-depth news report) putting him up against David Parker and Jeanette Fitzsimons -- and, for that matter, John Key (or Nick Smith)?

    Oh for some rationality and science, instead of politics!


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