Sunday, 5 August 2007

Oops! Your slip is showing.

Audrey Young on John Boy's conference speech this morning:
11:45: Yikes! As blunders go, it doesn't get much worse than the one John Key just made in his first speech to the National Party conference as party leader. "
Under a Labour Government I lead, child abusers will be severely punished."
G-Man on the nature of Freudian Slips:
A far higher authority on psych recently defined a Freudian slip thus:
"Now a Freudian slip is where you say something you didn’t mean to, because of your subconscious mind. The example given is when you call your wife by your mistress’ name."
'Nuff said.UPDATE: DS tells me he's always liked this definition for Freudian Slip: "Saying one thing when you mean your mother".


  1. 'Nuff said.

    Promise? I expect no substance from the O'Herald, and am seldom disappointed, but you're generally a wee bit better.

  2. Well, he will lead a Labour government won't he? I mean, who can distinguish Nationanl from Labour even in the good days, i.e. with someone like Don Brash as leader.

  3. Two Freudian psycho-analysts are on their way to conference in Vienna. They arrive at a train station and the first analyst says to the second:
    I'll go and get us some tickets.

    He walks off and a few minutes later he returns, laughing to himself. The second analyst asks:
    Why the giggling?

    The first analyst replies:
    I made a bit of a Freudian slip. When I went to the ticket counter, I was served by a beautiful woman in a low cut top, and instead of asking for two tickets, I asked her for two tits.

    The two analysts chuckle for a bit, when the second analyst says to the first:
    Funny, I did something similar this morning. I was having breakfast with my wife, and meant to say "could you pass me the butter, please dear", but instead I said "fuck you, you dirty skanky whore bitch, you completely ruined my life."


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