Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Moonrise over Manhattan Island

After watching the lunar eclipse and pondering how ancient man would have reacted when their moon turned red -- and how different the reaction today in much more sane times -- this glorious skyline above caught my eye: Moonrise over Manhattan Island. [Click pic to enlarge]

The man-made world really is something to cherish, isn't it.


  1. ...and this is exactly, prescisely the reason why the terrorists wanted to destroy the tallest, most awe-inspiring ones of this very picture.

  2. Now that's a jigsaw puzzle that would keep you occupied for a while !

  3. Fifth Avenue at Central Park.

    Where you have a vacation bach PC?

  4. "Fifth Avenue at Central Park.
    Where you have a vacation bach PC?"

    Haha. I wish. :-)


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