Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Inbox Zero

Keeping your email at "inbox zero" is the new way to go, I hear. Great. I'm happy about that. Just a shame for me personally that "inbox zero" is intended to be achieved purposely, not inadvertently: In a recent computer tidy up I inadvertently reduced my inbox to just three messages: a significant drop from the hundred or so unread messages to which I intended to respond, and the many hundred messages to which (honestly, Officer) I intended to return one day.


Anyway let's be happy, let's be productive, let's all become "inbox zero" and get our day back. The full 1-hour video for Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero presentation at Google is available for free down here — or check out this post about the video and slideshow.


  1. It's easy - just be an xtra customer in NZ. My inbox has been zero since 17/08/07. The outbox came out in sympathy on 20/08/07. 2 hours on the phone to them hasn't solved it. Any suggestions - Telstra Clear's looking very attractive !

  2. Marion, as a longtime T/Clr customer (residential/tolls/email), I have no complaints EXCEPT on the very odd occasion I've had to speak to them.

    Earlier this year I had no dialtone - waited a very long 40 mins to report the fault when I was inadvertently cut off! Swore violently, took a deep breath & redialled. After a whole hour of waiting & a menu chock full of options except one that suited, I got a live body. He was really helpful - just as well! - and the next morning a Telecom linesman was repairing the fault. (Yes, it was a Telecom fault but I had to go through T/C being one of theirs!)

    They really have to do something about their waiting times. Not helped by my initial call to Telecom who, in spite of gruffly telling me I had to ring T/C, at least answered straight away!
    That's my only grizzle.


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