Thursday, 23 August 2007

How to annoy your graphic designer

These days everyone you meet is a graphic designer. The Tomahawk Kid -- a graphic designer, woudn't you know -- has eight ways to get up the nose of a graphic designer.

You're bound to get a chance to use the information shortly.


  1. Haha, brilliant. We don't have Illustrator or any other vector-type graphics programmes so my favourite way to annoy graphics designers, signwriters, and printers is to give them low res scalar graphics (jpegs etc) and tell them our client wants a giant sign for their site, generated from the 6KB jpeg I emailed them.

    Heh heh (evilly)


  2. Robert Winefield23 Aug 2007, 09:12:00

    So how many of these steps did the previous editor of TFR employ to drive Graham mad?


  3. ALL of them - and THEN some.

    . . . and the Current editor is in the process of inventing a swag more :-)

  4. Times New Roman23 Aug 2007, 15:49:00

    Peter, maybe you could do a piece on "how to annoy your architect".

    I bet you could come up with some gems.


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