Friday, 3 August 2007

"Hodgson - we've got a problem"

When Jim Hopkins stops writing gibberish and and instead writes good sense, his good sense is very much worth bottling.
When all's said and nothing's done, the national scandal described in this week's headlines is not that adults are beating children. That is a personal disgrace.

The national scandal is that your government, our government, is all too often a party to the outrage. But it's not doing an effective thing about it.

Read it all here. Hat tips all over.

UPDATE: As one of the horrid riff raff who regularly reads Mrs Smith, I can assure you she never writes gibberish, and particularly not this morning:
As no doubt everyone has heard by now, hospitals are going to ask women the following questions to gauge if they have been the victims of domestic violence. Answering “yes” to at least one of these will be a potential indicator of abuse.
  • Has anybody hurt or threatened you?
  • Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised?
  • Have you been asked to do anything sexual that you didn’t want to do?
Guffaw! In my neck of the woods, answering "yes" to all of these questions, would indicate you’d had the usual sort of night out with the girls.


  1. Oh no, PC, you're not horrid riff raff. You are riff raff of the highest possible calibre.

    Thanks, BTW.

  2. ... and she says the nicest things, and all with a straight face too. ;^)

  3. good for Mrs Smith. :-)


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