Thursday, 2 August 2007

The big 'O'

Two things I bet you didn't know:
First, it's National Orgasm Week in the UK. (Yes, you did need to know that.)
Second, according to that repository of reliable news The Sun, "a recent survey found 12 per cent of UK women have never experienced the big O."
Sad news on a happy week. UK men should hang their head in shame.



Blogger Greg Bourke said...

And we get breast feeding week.

2 Aug 2007, 07:59:00  
Anonymous Andrew Bates said...

In Galt's Gulch the policemen are English, the lovers are Italian, and the Germans run the trains.

In hell the policemen are German, the Italians run the trains and the lovers are English. Umm, sorry Carol.

2 Aug 2007, 18:34:00  
Anonymous Rob said...

That Union Jack doesn't look right.
It is possible to fly one upside down because they are asymmetrical, but that one is symmetrical

2 Aug 2007, 18:40:00  

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