Tuesday, 17 July 2007

'Terror' title a tactical failure

Readers interested in Ayn Rand and Objectivism will find good reading in the Jerusalem Post: two articles on Ayn Rand and on the Ayn Rand Institute's head Yaron Brook.

See The Nexus, and You Don't Fight a Tactic, from which comes this excerpt:
Brook has lectured at numerous US college campuses, often under tight security, appeared numerous times on Fox and CNBC, and is emerging as one of the most outspoken voices when it comes to the "War on Terror," a title, Brook says, that already dooms the West to failure.

"You don't fight a tactic," he said in his talk. "Terrorism is a tactic, and I believe we have to look at the ideological source of terrorism in order to identify the true enemy." He defines this source as Islamic totalitarianism, which he describes as an expansionist philosophy that seeks to spread Islam by the sword, but he thinks that the enemy's identity has been blurred or ignored by government leaders and the intelligentsia.

"We don't have the guts, the courage, the self-esteem to even identify who the enemy is. We couch it in terms of terrorists who happen to be Muslims who are 'hijacking a great religion.' We're afraid to say 'Islamic anything': Islamic fascism, totalitarianism, whatever you want to call it." The fear stems, he said, from the academic trend of multiculturalism, in which all cultures are morally equal, and moral relativism, in which "anything goes" in human behavior.
But this isn't the most destructive idea to the cause of the West, he says. Read on to find out what receives that approbation.

UPDATE: Writing for Victoria University's Salient magazine, Lindsay Perigo focusses on the real enemy: 'Death to Islamofascism.'


  1. I'm surprised Lyndsay hasn't scored himself a nice little fatwa yet.

  2. 'Not at war with a tactic'.
    He's right isn't he.
    'War with a tactic' is actually a sporting analogy in that you 'play the ball not the man'.
    In reality battle with the tactic is incidental to the true goal , which is destruction of that which originally produced the tactic (kamikaze, death camp etc) - the man/meme.

  3. I think this is anti-Libertarian bullshit.
    It is Anti-religion in drag.
    It attempts to suggest that all .
    Islamics are incapible of existing in freedom which is Bogus.
    The war on terror basically ended the IRA terrorism and Libian terrorism.
    And we do fight against tacitics!
    We fight the tactic of imposing your will on others!
    This is the whole point of the matter!
    BTW. Onya PC for printing GWB's speech in the latest Free rad.

  4. The trouble with rants like Lindsay's is that Islam is one of the world's oldest and firmly established religions. Rightly or wrongly, it's embedded in the history and culture of huge numbers of peoples. And within that it does have numerous shades to it. Furthermore, millions of Muslims do simply go about their day to day lives peacefully just like the rest of us.

    Despite what Lindsay and co. wish, Islam is not simply going to slink away.

    In declaring that Islam itself is the enemy and can't be reasoned with or "appeased" (and is anyone else completely sick of the dishonest use of WW2 analogies) Lindsay is, for all practical purposes, issuing a call for Muslim genocide.


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