Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Reagan: He ain't a blooming thickie

From Eisenhower to Bush II, it's long been fashionable to mock the intelligence of post-war Republican presidents. Ronald Reagan was no exception, a frequent butt of jokesters firmly convinced in his ineptitude, his irrelevance within his own administration, and above all in his glaring lack of intellect.

In light of the publication of Reagan's diaries however, the Times Literary Supplement re-examines the evidence and puts the record straight: this is one president at least who was no intellectual lightweight. [Hat tip James Valliant] See 'Reagan the Astute.' Excerpt:
The popular notion of Ronald Reagan as a lazy bungler has long been questioned; but only now, with the publication of his diaries, do we encounter a shrewd and watchful President determined to have his own way. Edward N. Luttwak peers beneath the 'studied pose of amiable vagueness', and finds an economically savvy, anti-racist, tough on Communism..."
Read on here.

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