Sunday, 15 July 2007

Only God can make a banana

"Behold, the atheists' nightmare": the banana - so perfectly made it tells us there must be a creator. "The whole of creation testifies to the genius of God's creation! It absolutely does!" says a surprisingly persuasive (to some) Ray Comfort. See Comfort and colleague present the arguments here at You Tube.

Behold the rebuttal, also at You Tube. Turns out the domestication of the banana plays a part. A large part. Other myths are also debunked. Einstein would approve.

Here's another cartoon from the fine chaps at Russell's Teapot [click to enlarge]:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you like russell's teapot, check out

15 Jul 2007, 17:00:00  
Anonymous John. F. Minto said...

Clint Heine posted a black banana here, on his blog. I am sure God, had decided to create a different type of colored banana rather than the usual yellow. Definitely Maia might think, what a wonderful banana that Clint posted on is site.

15 Jul 2007, 17:33:00  
Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

Oh God. I've seen Ray Comfort in action when he came out several years back. Utterly appaling Christian apologist, but then I repeat myself

16 Jul 2007, 09:48:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

Is this really Ray Comfort or is this a spoof? I mean, you can't take this video seriously, can you?

16 Jul 2007, 10:59:00  
Anonymous Sean said...

Yes, it really is Ray. He and his side kick there have been peddling this "intelligent design" argument to anyone that will give them airtime. They have debated a couple of atheists on ABC - video is on u-tube.

You are right though, it is hard to take the arguments presented seriously. How wilfully ill-informed can one be?

16 Jul 2007, 11:37:00  
Anonymous Hitman said...

"Only God can make a banana"? Sounds like more religious porn.

Had you noticed how the TV is filling up with this stuff lately? You get these porn kings in suits and gowns, clogging up non-peak air time, raving away sputtering indecency, gushing filth totally unfit for human consumption. Contemptible smut. Obscene. Religo porn. Whatever next?


18 Jul 2007, 06:01:00  

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