Thursday, 14 June 2007

"When did 'profit' become a dirty word?"

"Oil companies in America are reporting record profits, says John Kerry. "Record profits!"

"So what?" says ABC News' John Stossel. "When did 'profit' become a dirty word?"

Read Stossel's piece before you let out your bung: [Hat tip Prodos]


  1. Apologies for being off-topic, PC but this item in the Daily Telegraph UK is interesting:
    " Old masters are hung in the street"
    I'll try to post the link.

  2. grrr....didn't work.Anyway, it's in

  3. When did 'profit' become a dirty word?

    Profit has always been a dirty word to Matt McCarten , Sue Breadford, Jeanette Fitzimons & Co.

  4. Profit became a dirty word when the people who couldn't make any figured out what the other guy was doing, and had a fat cry about it.

  5. Kerry needs to go after the government for taxing the shit out of gas so that small businessmen can have a fighting chance at staying in business. While he's at it, he might go after the government for taxing the shit out of small businessmen so we have a fighting chance at SEEING a profit.


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