Friday, 8 June 2007

A right dicking

Crikey, the boys must have been excited when they woke this morning after their all-night celebrations with the Louis Vuitton Cup under their arm and a head like a soft-boiled egg, only to find this media release from Dick Hubbard coming off their fax congratulating them on their 5-0 clean sweep, and letting them know that Auckland's soon-to-be-ejected Mayor is "right behind Emirates Team New Zealand in their quest to bring the Auld Mug home."

Must have made it all seem worthwhile. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Dick (that's a good name for it) is a hanger on. What's the Americas Cup got to do with him? He and the Council are seeking to join the (so far) successful bandwagon and be seen as "good". This dried up prune face is one of those responsible for enslaving Aucklanders 30% further than they were previously.

    What he needs is to be taken out into the carpark to have his stinking teeth kicked in. Then he should be kicked out. How about setting up a venue so all us angry Aucklanders can join in, or, at least, watch the kicking, Dick?

    He's a self-centred greedy expropriator of other peoples' money. I generously give him a kick though...



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