Sunday, 10 June 2007

Now that's love...

Your Sunday cartoon:


  1. I guess that burning your children alive out of love for God, is what Tim Wikiriwhi mentioned here at Not PC before as bad Gospel.

    Am I correct here Tim? If it is not bad Gospel as you stated previously, then do you think you could possibly abide by that Gospel if it is not a bad one?

  2. Falafulu Fisi.

    The Bible is Anti-Human sacrifice.
    Baal and Moloch worship involved child sacrifice.
    It was expressly condemned by Judaism and Christianity as evil.
    It never glorifies human sacrifice.
    There was no sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham.
    It was a necessary parable that Abraham was faithful to carry out showing an indisputable 2000 year prophesy of God sending Christ as a sacrifice understandable to the whole earth.

    The only true gospel for today is St Paul’s gospel “… Believe that God sent Christ to die for your sins and he was buried and rose again on the third day in victory over sin and death.
    “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved…” (1 Cor 15vs1-8, Rom 11vs13)
    It is the gift of God, not of works. (Eph2vs8,9)
    Salvation is a free will choice requiring no other religious duty.
    The salvation of the Christian age of grace today does not require “we endure unto the end”.

    Any notion that today God will accept us on any other terms other than Pauls gospel of grace is a false gospel e.g. Being circumcised and keeping the ten commandments will not get you into heaven today. Thus any scripture or biblical event misconstrued out of it’s proper context becomes a heresy.

    When this age ends and the time of Gods judgment begins with the rise of the Anti Christ and the number of the beast, then salvation will require faith plus works that evidence your rejection of Mammon and your commitment to Christ.
    You must be prepared to reject the number and be killed.
    “…Whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall save it…” (JC Luke9vs24)
    This is not human sacrifice. This is facing murderous Anti-Christ hate and being faithful to your beliefs rather than submitting to the Evil Ungodly world.
    Even the death of Christ was an act of Religious lynch-mob murder not some sort of sanction for ritual murder!

    When Christ rose from the dead was a moment of history of such immense weight, its impact has made him the central and most important figure of world history.
    This was a physical ‘Real’ event that had a measurable effect thus there is evidence for you Falafulu fisi
    And by recognizing the story of Abraham and Isaac as being fulfilled by God the Father and Christ you have an indisputable historical proof of prophecy and Divine Revelation.
    Only pride stops a man from asking for the salvation of God.

  3. Tim said...
    The only true gospel for today is St Paul’s gospel

    Tim are you suggesting that the publisher of the Bible should downsize it to print only St Paul’s gospel ? You're going to have a very thin bible, then if the publisher is going to downsize the number of pages to only a few tens.

    When Christ rose from the dead

    No, Tim. Christ never rose again from the dead. I find it funny, that you dismissed all chapters in the Bible because they're bad except St Paul’s gospel , but not ready to dismiss the resurrection of Jesus, which is anti-reason, anti-logic, anti-physics, etc. Don't you see that you're self-contradictory in what you believe?


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