Thursday, 21 June 2007

Man lynched in Texas

It looks like the lynch mentality still exists in the American South:
MYFOX, AUSTIN, TEXAS: Man beaten to death after car he was riding in hits girl
40-year-old David Rivas Morales was was beaten to death in his apartment parking lot just after 9:30 p.m. Tuesday...

Police say Morales was a passenger in a car that hit a small child. Witnesses told police that several black males then started to assault the driver. They told police the crowd then started beating Morales when he got out of the car to try to stop the fight. The driver was able to get away. The child hit by the car was not seriously hurt

Morales' sister Margaret says she found her brother laying on a speed bump with blood coming from his head. Morales was taken to the hospital where he later died.
What can you say?


  1. You could say it's less serious in intent than that guy Lauaki who took offence to a minor traffic infringement by a truck driver up Auckland way. He pulled him out of his cab and seriously injured him with a claw hammer.

    The texas incident looks like a race crime, ie, Blacks on Hispanic, but so could the Lauaki thing.


  2. Where was police at? At larger gatherings, there is usually some kind of police inforcement somewhere. And Seriously, why weren't the Damn Parents of that Child Holding that 3or 4 year olds hand? Child endangerment and neglect on their part!
    Who the hell gives those so called "Men" any Right to beat anyone! I Hope and Pray they get caught and Punished for their actions.

  3. Animals. heck out "Juneteenth" in Milwaukee:

  4. I now Welcome the rest of the world to the dirty little secret Austin's chamber of commerce will never tell you about: east Austin (that is, the area east of the I-35 freeway) is a _WARZONE_, make no bones about it. It's predominantly black, and a little hispanic, but VERY dangerous to be in day or night. As you read, east Austin is where Mr. Morales was brutally bludgeoned to death by the animals in that mob.

    Why do you think those black men went through with the murder? There were 3,000+ people there; how is the Austin Police Dept going to get through all the people that were there to stop something like that? Since it wasn't a black being beaten to death, why should they care? That racism has been so deep-seeded in those that have lived there it's atrocious. Only the Palestinians do a better job of passing down racial hatred to future generations (hatred of all Jews).

    I'm sure I can tell you the answers the Austin police were similar to, "We didn't see/hear nuthin'! Many blacks witnessed the murder who didn't participate in it, and NO ONE came to this poor man's aid. Those who witnessed it but did nothing are guilty of crimes of omission of action; if one or two blacks had implored the murderers to stop, maybe he would be alive today. But such deep-seeded racism breeds animalistic physical and mental behavior.

    You see, the real hypocrisy is, there have been several instances where blacks have been killed by the Austin police in justifiable uses of force, yet the Austin chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Texas Civil Rights Project filed a federal complaint about how police officers use force in Austin for multiple instances going back years, that they claim were unwarranted and racially motivated.

    The fact that the NAACP and Texas Civil Rights Project display their DEAFENING SILENCE on Morales' murder speaks *volumes* on the race-trading and race-baiting that is going on in east Austin.

    Exhibits on the underlying issues that I could find on short notice:

    On Austin's highest rated radio talk show, "Jeff Ward At Large" hosted by Jeff Ward on AM 590 KLBJ, a caller who called in today offered a pretty scary advice that inferred a prediction for how things might spiral out of control in east Austin. The caller said something tantamount to "If I was black and lived near or below 12th street (in east Austin), I would stay inside and not be out in public there for a while." I'm not sure if he meant it jokingly or not (as Jeff's personality by nature solicits those who would call his show with sarcastic and/or gauche humor), but he meant that in the area where the murder occurred, the caller was predicting there could be potential some kind of hispanic-on-black violent retaliation. I hope it doesn't come to that.

    I'm sorry to say I lived (note past-tense) in east Austin for a 4 year stretch. During that time, multiple drive-by shootings occurred within a mile of my place, one as close as 3 city blocks away, along with one attempted rape by some monster--- only problem with investigating that assault is the victim gave such a general description of the rapist it matched half the white men in Austin. In Morales' case, there are no descriptions because supposedly no one saw anything.

    Yes, the east side of Austin is a very dangerous place. The rest of the world is just being awakened just how barbaric it has been for a very long time. It's NO coincidence the I-35 freeway was built where it was back in the 1950s in Austin.... to be a physical barrier between the west side and east side of Austin.

    I sincerely hope the murderers and the witnesses who did nothing to help him are found and tried. Mr. Morales deserves no less.


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