Thursday, 21 June 2007


Beautiful women and guns. Women in uniform. There, now that I have your attention, you might remember a popular post here at Not PC a couple of years ago -- it still gets several hits a day all this time later -- linking to a site full of photos of gorgeous women in uniform. (You can head there now, but due to its outrageous popularity it's always overdoing its bandwidth. Those internet gods giveth, you see, and then the gods taketh away again.)

But never fear! Maxim magazine is taking up the slack with a profile of The Girls of the Israeli Defense Force -- somewhat out of uniform, bless 'em. They're so excited at Gawker, they're nearly tongue-tied:
  • Piece in the Mid-East!
  • Jew See The Cans On That Chick?
  • She Can Occupy My Territories Any Time!
  • Hear, O Israel, This Chick Has a Bod
  • Di-Ass-Pora
  • Ariel Sha-BONE
  • I'd like to invade her Gaza strip!

  • Okay, that's enough of that. But there's always someone wanting to piss on such a glorious parade, isn't there.
    But prominent Israeli women say using sex to market the Land of Milk and Honey is "an outrage." Former Consul-General Colette Avital, a member of the Israeli parliament, yesterday demanded an urgent meeting with the Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik to get an explanation of what she called the "pornographic campaign," the newspaper Yediot Achronoth reported.
    Enjoy Maxims' pics while you can. And here's some more Israeli women in uniform. And here a reason to visit the Holy Land -- and not for the soccer. [Hat tip Fleshbot]


    1. When I see a beautiful woman I say Hallelujah!
      I know for sure there is a God!

    2. Tim , are you a Jewish convert already ?

    3. Not a chance Falafulu fisi. She’s Hot, but not that hot.
      I prefer the liberty of Christian grace to Jewish Law.
      No woman could get me to forsake my Savior. (Though even if I did Christ would not forsake me)
      Nor are we to worship woman or sex, but praise The Lord who made both these wonders.
      It is a great evil to fetish worship any created thing instead of the Creator.
      We ought to praise him for creating such beauty that inspires these photos and artists like Leonardo DaVinci, Michael Newbury, and ZZ Top.
      It’s good to be a bloke!
      I thank God for feminine beauty and the infinite other good things he has made within the grasp of my senses and soul.
      Worship of God comes naturally to the Christian through wonder, thanksgiving and joy.

      Yet we all are fallen beings having a corrupt disposition and often are overwhelmed by our senses and easily deceived by their allure, and by lust forsake eternal truths for temporal pleasures. It takes Strong virtues of Character and spirit with integrity to higher truths to keep the mind in government over the body, not visa versa.
      Failure results in infinite evils such as Fatherless children, Adulteries, lies, murders, suicides, obesity, Alcoholism etc.

      The ungodly world worships sex (which is why we have Easter bunnies and in advertising *Sex sells*. This temptation is so powerful it destroys many Christians too.
      Starting with Adam and Eve and like Sampson and Delilah, and David and Bathsheba the beauty of woman has blinded multitudes of testosterone charged men.

      The main point is that to see (or better still intimately experience) such beautiful woman body and soul and yet fail to attribute their existence to God is insane!
      From the existence of the countless blessings we enjoy you ought to be able to apprehend what an opposite existence void of such wonders would be like. (try enjoying life alone on the dark side of the moon!)
      That opposite reality of meaningless void would be the true godless atheist reality!
      The one that we have declares the glory of God!
      This is the WOW Factor of human existence that ought to make you say Amen!
      And every time some Kiwi moans that a starving child has died in Africa yet does not give thanks to God for their own wellbeing is to be guilty of taking these infinite blessings for granted as if man has some sort of absolute right to wine woman and song! To be an Atheist you must see all these fantastic wonders as nothing more than ‘unavoidable phenomena of matter’.


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