Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Censored. Not!

Online Dating

Apparently I get the "No one under 17 admitted rating" because there's too much fucking going on around here (5x too much) some dominatrix action (2x) and even the occasional stab (1x). No worries; I always do say that libertarianism is for consenting adults. :-)

Find out your blog rating if the Censor's Office was watching, and see how you'd be censored. [Hat tip Lucyna].


  1. Ha ha ha - oh shit, thats funny - I am a parental guidance recommended, due to 3 x dangerous! 2 x hell! - oh, and 1 bastard

    I can see I will have to do a lot better - sorry!

    By the way, this post has just sent YOU up to an R35 rating

  2. I am a PG13, due to 1 x lesbian. How tame.


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