Monday, 25 June 2007

Blatant Clark-worship front and centre on the Herald website

Spot the blatant Clark-worship front and centre on the Herald website:


  1. But wait, there's more. Just two stories later and higher up the America's Cup stories, it's...:

    Mallard: Pasty white thighs won't distract Team NZ

    Trevor Mallard is confident that flashing his pasty white "massive" thighs in public while supporting Team New Zealand won't distract them from taking home the America's Cup.

    "I wear a pair of team shorts, and my massive thighs are available for all to see," the Sport and Recreation Minister says of his attire for shouting support from a spectator boat.
    Oh FFS! Who cares Nanny Herald?

    "I'm absolutely certain there'd be no focus on my thighs on the part of the team. A deal I had with them early on was that I don't interfere with their work."
    No shit - but is it news?!
    Mr Mallard left for Valencia on Thursday for his second trip to the cup. Last time he was there for the Louis Vuitton Cup victory celebrations, and this time he is hoping for similar celebrations.
    That's what our tax dollars are there for!

  2. Perhaps Keith Locke would like to rub Mallard's white "massive" thighs with the right massaging oil.


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