Friday, 15 June 2007

Around the world in 52 states

I love maps. One good map can keep me amused for hours. A whole blog full of them is my perfect time-waster.

Here's a good one: an economic map that dramatically illustrates the size and market of the US relative to other countries by comparing states to countries of roughly similar income:

Click on the map to go to the larger map at the site, Strange Maps. You'll never guess which 'state' New Zealand matches.


Blogger Lewis said...

Haha. We got DC!

15 Jun 2007, 13:56:00  
Blogger Greg Bourke said...

DC. ha, how appropriate.

What a great map though!

Would also like to see a list comparing corporations to nations. That is also sobering.

Such shows how awfully parochial and straw brained all those US haters are.

16 Jun 2007, 21:33:00  

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