Thursday, 10 May 2007

Question for the Grinch

Young Callum McPetrie has a question for our Finance Minister, the Grinch who keeps stealing our money.

All across the terrestrial globe, nations are cutting their tax rates. From Estonia to Australia to (soon-to-be-cutting) France, nations are feeling the positive effects of lower taxes. In Estonia, my favourite nation, the tax rate is at a flat 22% [down to 20% in 2009]. The tax-cutting countries are enjoying higher growth, greater prosperity and more entrepreneurship than the small amount we have here. Yet we have a surplus of billions.

So why not, Michael? What's so evil about tax cuts? Or are you really against production and prosperity?

Fair question. What's wrong with keeping our own money and making ourselves rich?

Or do you think the Grinch prefers to keep our money to bribe us again next year? After all, it did work last time.


  1. Thanks for the reference. :-)

    But it does make you seriously think about how much better NZ would be if we didn't have such ridiculous tax rates; NZers are a entrepreneural, creative and smart people in the marketplace; that is, when the govt isn't on our throats,

  2. Oh its simple. And I say the next thing sarcastically:

    "We need the Nanny State looking after us, and she doesnt work for free. Oh so what she has money left over? She might decide to squander some next year, and then how would she have the money she needs to control sorry...babysit us. "

    Never mind that the "kid" can look after itself better with more pocket money. The government knows best apparently, if IT spends the money we gain more than if we the inept consumers keep it (and never mind the fact that the real producers, bussinesses are the source of wealth, apparentl ythe government is, it can just regulate he money, or print more).

    Now anyone with a shred of economic knowledge (untainted by Keynesian nonsense) can shred that to peices. Studied 6th economics, lets put you in the Grinchs place, it would seem the Grinch forgot all his non Keynesian Economics.

    Thats why i like to call him the Keynesian Economic Grinch


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