Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Perigo on Sarkozy

From Perigo's SOLO site:

In other good news, Sarkozy [has won] the French presidential election decisively against that stupid socialist female. He was taken to task for calling Islamo-fascist rioters "scum." (How abusive!!) His response: "I regret nothing. What sort of educators would we be if thugs cannot even be called thugs?"

Under the socialists the French "enjoy" a 35-hour working week. Sarkozy is promising to exempt any work over 35 hours from tax.

Let's hope this heralds a general turnaround in Europe.

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Blogger Matt B said...

I believe he is promising a deluge of reform in his first 100 days. I sincerely hope he achieves it, but I am skeptical he will. He has powerful interests to overcome, and I suspect it will take an economic crisis, much like NZ in 1984, to convince those lobbies of the need to change.

Segolene Royal may be out to lunch on the economics, but damn she is hot.

8 May 2007, 11:37:00  
Blogger Greg Bourke said...

I enjoyed the "socialist students" (now there's a redundant adjective) chanting "Sarkosy Facist".

Perhaps that's why the Victoria student exec trashed their offices! An act of solidarity with their left-bank comrades.

8 May 2007, 12:07:00  
Anonymous Hamish said...

Horay for casual misogyny < /sarcasm>.

8 May 2007, 21:54:00  

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