Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ascension Night - Michael Newberry

An unusual and intensely dramatic pose -- extremely difficult to draw -- seen here in black and white. The finished colour version can be seen here, and an explanation of the means by which the pose was drawn can be found here in this Mini Tutorial: Newberry Workshop: Using Triangulation of Points of Light to Line up the Figure.


  1. It all looks a bit homo to me, old bean. Fewer naked guys, more hot naked chicks please.

  2. PRICK: You're not a Michelangelo fan then, Prick?

    GREG: ?

  3. The naked dude reminded me of 300.

    I was just wondering out loud if anyone had seen "300" and was pondering if anyone saw it as an objectivist allergory.

    300 could be seen as the struggle of the sovereign individual against tyrannical collectivism by the use of reason and personal courage. Or something like that...

  4. It all looks a bit homo to me.

    You mean a John Key looks.

  5. I saw it Greg and it was rousing.There was an element of Rand in it I felt...the absolute stance of the Spartans that what they were doing was the right thing and any other courses of action was not worthy of thought.I came away with a sense of having seen a sort of "Atlas Shrugged of the ages' if you will....

    I would put it with V for Vendetta as having given me an uplifting experience of humanity at its best and the triumph of the spirit against evil and death.

  6. Greg, you said, "I was just wondering out loud if anyone had seen "300" and was pondering if anyone saw it as an objectivist allegory."

    Oddly enough there are TWO reviews of '300' in the latest Free Radical which argue ... well, you'll have to buy a copy to find out what they argue.



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