Friday, 11 May 2007

Free Radical 75 hits the streets...

Now at 75 issues and still going strong, the latest Free Radical magazine has a bold new look, all-new content and it really hits the streets running.

The kick ass cover (and such a gorgeous ass too) fronts an issue where ass is very seriously kicked. You do not want to miss out!

DAVID KOPEL, LECH BELTOWSKI & PETER CRESSWELL between them dissect both Virginia Tech shooting, and the moronic idea that gun-free zones would disarm a killer. As the cover says, criminals prefer their victims unarmed -- gun-free zones are just what they ordered, really.

And what sort of vapid moron feels sorry for the killer? News of that inside too, and analysis of the philosophy behind the moron and of the vapid idea that wishing away violence will somehow not encourage more of it.

Affordable housing! It's on everyone's agenda, so why are houses becoming less and less affordable by the day -- "seriously unaffordable" according to recent studies! OWEN McSHANE, GREG BALLE & PETER CRESSWELL point out who Alan Bollard has to shoot, why he should get shot next, and for what crimes what should all be be shot -- including the crime of destroying a beach-side Kiwi tradition.

News inside too of the 'Peer Review Mafia' - those gatekeepers of science who in recent years have become something different. Scientists VINCENT GRAY & S. FRED SINGER explain what that 'something' is. It's not good, and the results have not been good for science.

And what has happened to British Tories since the days of Margaret Thatcher? The phenomenon of Pink Tories outflanking Labour on the left is not confined to New Zealand -- indeed the UK Tories' Labour-Lite blatherings are what the NZ Pink Tories are emulating. SPARTACUS explains why all is NOT hunky dory in the world of Tory Glory.

How about the coup in Fiji? Could it, might it, can it be justified? TIM WIKIRIWHI argues with America's Founding Fathers that we all hold a right of revolution against tyrannical
government, and why he sees Commodore Bainimarama as fighting in that tradition. This is the issue that saw Tim leave Libertarianz. Get your issue to find out why.

All that and more, including:
  • Pictures and protest from the anti-anti-smacking rally -- and LINDSAY PERIGO's outing of the REAL child abusers;
  • why NZ's Reserve Bank Governor should shoot the town planners (and how those planners are destroying a Kiwi tradition AND the human spirit);
  • all about creativity, and what a Hungarian psychologist, Maria Montessori and Eric Clapton have in common;
  • why globalisation is good;
  • why Maria Callas was The Geatest of Them All ...
And that's all without even mentioning the 'Lefty Lexicon'; the kick ass reviews of kick ass movies including '300,' and 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'; and (to continue a theme) JASON ROTH's investigation of when a woman's ass is not an ass ... all that and more -- much, much more.


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  1. I know there has been controversy about the cover elsewhere...I just wanted to say I think it is inspired. Although the content looks to be very conservative, the cover will offend the rabid right, which is always good.

    You have done a good job with this magazine -- I downloaded a copy a few months ago and it was very good - much improved. Even though is is no longer my bag, as my opinions have changed and I am now very anti-violence, anti-war, and anti-drugs, I still hold some libertarian values, such as pro-immigration and globalisation, so I wish you all the best with it.

    Those who are offended by bums should go to NZ Conservative -- they take a great interest in backsides at that site :)

  2. You can't leave us hanging PC - just whose ass is it?

  3. I fail to understand the comments by anonymous . . . one of the fundamental Libertarian principles is the non-initiation of force! - How can you be any more AGAINST the use of FORCE or violence or WAR. and as far as drugs go - Libertarians do not promote or advocate drug use, so what does anon. mean? I dislike the effects of excessive drug use as much as anybody, but I stand up for the rights of the individual to take them if they wish - It doesnt mean I like or agree with people taking them!
    But thanks for the best wishes - we are attempting to market the Free Radical to a wider audience, so tell one and all.

  4. There certainly is no Mag like it!
    It just needs some Non- Conformist Christian input to make it really free and radical to the highest degree.
    Regarding the 300 film reviews I found it informing that it was an objectivist who did the comic even though the final anti-mysticism comment at the end of the movie was a ‘billboard in lights’ that told me that there must have been a Randoid some where behind the scenes!
    I also think it is humorous that an objectivist review would say the goodies were objectivists and the baddies were non objectivists!
    I bet that on indigenous rights advocate blogs that they say the 3oo represent ‘the brave indigenous minorities facing the evil hordes of foreign devils and that the hunch back is the traitorous Wikiriwhi who sells his whanau out for filthy sex with white woman!

    Well not to be out done by you all let me post here my Christian review that I posted on another Objectivist site taking about the 300 and that asked for criticisms that may be different to their own views. They said they welcome it yet when I did, they created a ‘Why I censor comments’ threat just to vindicate wiping off my criticism!
    These Objectivist’s hate libertarianism and when they found out on the web that I was a libertarian they all said this was proof libertarianism is evil!

    I am currently engaged in combat with them to keep my comments on their site.
    Which can be found here (unless they have already chopped them out!)
    If this is the case I will put my arguments here if anyone responds with interest.
    I rip into them! And Point to Kiwi Objectivists as cut from better cloth than they!

    Any way below is my Christian view of the 300 that these objectivists found so objectionable as to remove all traces of them esp My name!

    The 300
    I laugh at the idea that objectivists could claim the story of the 300 represents “their struggle, even if it has been fictionalized by an Objectivist!
    For starters Objectivism is Anti self sacrifice! The hold their own lives to be the only standard of morality and so the traitorous hunchback truly represents the Objectivist!
    That he kneeled before the tyrant is no proof to the contrary as the objectivist holds that they don’t owe anyone the truth and so they can excuse their submission as a necessary lie!
    The truth of the matter is this movie really embodied Christian principles of doing what is right in spite of devilish mysticism, and resisting Satanic Total states where the king is god!
    Leonidas was like Christ when he rejected power and the kingdoms of the earth rather than bow down to Satan and like Christ he sacrificed himself for mankind!
    It is the Christian that holds mystical/theological truths as justice and freedom above their own life and in fact believes that to live for these mystical concepts is what gives human life it’s full value and superiority over brute nature!
    Leonidas said to his men tonight “we dine in hell”, (their heaven) meaning he believed in the soul and would survive death.
    The symbolism of this movie is so much more Christian than objectivist it is a joke to claim Leonidas represents an Objectivist! (but typically Objectivists make absurd judgments to falsely accrue heroism, rights, justice, and reason as their own!)
    Rand is the ultimate second hander so why expect less from her worshippers?

    The reality of Sparta was they were anti-capitalist communist slave mongers.
    That not withstanding the real event is a tribute to a great King who gave his life for his country.
    The Objectivist would run like a coward! Or take the loot!
    John Galt was such a coward!
    The reality is that Xerxes is a real character of BIBLICAL history!
    Tim Wikiriwhi

  5. Good 4U Tim. I like the way you don't back down.

    I might have to re-subscribe to TFR - my mother asked me if I still got the mag today, as Leighton Smith mentioned it had moved to the left - a badge of honor as far as we are concerned.

    After I have gotten over the Libz moral and ethical striptease to win the approval of the Rabid Right over the S59 Amendment of course :-/.

  6. Thanks Anon,
    What is even funnier about this bunch of weirdoes is they have now made the thread of "Why I censor comments" a "members only" area!
    So now you cant even read what baby gu gu they are saying.
    My 300 criticism is still on the main page and a reference to the censor thread is still on the right hand side.
    Thus they must be secretly deciding how to deal with this evil Libertarian who threatens them with free speech!!!!
    What a joke!
    Esp since I have the beginning of their mad thread on my e drive and could post it on the net and expose them completely if I wanted too.
    Really I am not that fussed about these little jerks. The post on that blog by the sites author called 'about me' actually asked for 'different views'!
    and then cut those different views off as soon as they could! talk about a poser!
    talk about hot air and lip service to reason!
    I only got stuck into them on principle.
    Hopefully one or two may see through their shallowness and change for better and become a Libertarian!
    Who knows?
    I would like it if a Kiwi Objectivist or PC himself gave us a run down on where this sect of lesser-Objectivist morons gets their anti-Libertarian/ pro suppression ideals from?
    P.C probably could not be bothered wasting his breath.
    I suspect it originates from Leonard Peikoff and his bunch of weirdoes more than Rand! (the same dude that threatened PRODOS with excommunication if he persisted in hanging out with Linz Perego a few years back.
    If Peikoff dictates Libertarians are evil then any Objectivist who defies his pontifications is defrocked and metaphorically burned at the stake!
    Aren’t they a real liberty loving pro free thinking bunch of dirty hypocrites!
    Thank God the likes of PC and Sally Obrien, Liberty Scott, Duncan Bayne, and Bernard Danton, and Mike Webber, and even Linz who is a bloody hard man are not like them!
    These Piekoffites are insane! I have been told by these Kiwis that I am an irrational nut case but never censored!


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