Tuesday, 10 April 2007


CHUTZPAH: Using $800,000 of taxpayers' money to buy yourself an election.

CARELESSNESS: Being caught.

EFFRONTERY: Using the resulting furore to propose that taxpayers fund you next time to the tune of $1.14 million.

PRICELESS: Knowing that you still haven't paid back the original $800,000.

For basic raids on NZ's electoral system, there's the Clark Government. For everything else, including picking up the tab, there's the taxpayer.
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UPDATE: Insolent Prick says it how I feel it: Fuck YOU you thieving bastards

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  1. Another coffee-choking moment this morning when I heard Labour's proposal to exempt unions from rules against party funding. Surely Labour could not be that blatantly self-serving in so public a way.

    Surely Clark realises how incredibly bad that looks. I can't imagine what principle would support donations from unions but not other kinds of organization. It appears arbitrary and self-serving, but surely Labour is politically smart enough to realise the cost of this policy. I feel like something is missing.

    "And don't call me surely."


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