Wednesday, 18 April 2007


So who else has had a problem getting on the internet this morning? And what problems has it caused you?


  1. I'm ready to buy a vodafone 3G card. Absolutely annoying. I'm almost 100% dependent on the Internet working, and an outage of days would be devastating for my business.

  2. I wasn't affected this morning, but I have been in the past and, as I need 100% reliable internet connection for my living, I have a 1 gig Vodafone data plan in addition to my landline broadband connection.

    Since I have this, I have had a few outages and its a piece of cake to simply pick up the phone and connect.

    I wouldn't be without this backup. It works well for just $49.95 per month.

  3. I did. It affected my ability to read this blog and research a seminar I am giving tomorrow.

  4. I had none this morning as I was at my course, but I had some outages this morning.


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