Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Billboard bans

Submitters mostly say otherwise (when they're allowed to speak), but several Auckland councillors still want to ban billboards, Glenda Fryer among the most enthusiastic.

Billboards have been banned in São Paulo since the start of the year, turning it from a vibrant world city to ... well, to this:

As billboard-banner Councillor Glenda Fryer might say, it looks so much better than all the awful colour, bright lights and energy you see at Times Square and Shinjuku, Tokyo, doesn't it.

Stupid bitch.

[Hat tip Section 14 and MikeE]


  1. Ellsworth Monckton Toohey lives:

  2. Honestly, can't we have one NZ city that look remotely normal, "global" and "connected".

    The bilboards are great.
    Who the hell wants to see the naked backside of that westfield mall at the base of Queen St when it looses the Quantas biboard?
    I also like the Wild Bean elevator and any Bendon ads not featuring Dan Carter.

  3. Hear, hear. The Southern M/way's saving grace is the Tui's billboard at Ellerslie.

    It's given me many good laughs. It's about the only thing that does on the southern ...


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