Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Well, that was worth staying awake for, wasn't it. I speak not of the Anzac dawn ceremony, but but the bloody tragic cricket result. Cactus had this assessment at the innings break:
1. Aliens have taken over Shane Bond's body. Who was that guy bowling?
2. Aliens gave Craig McMillan, the fattest Black Cap a strained stomach muscle. He doesn't have any muscles in his stomach.
3. Aliens wrapped Scott Styris' finger in tape so he could not bowl more than an over.
4. Aliens hit Jacob Oram on the heel.
5. Aliens keep moving the stumps when our fielders threw the ball.
6. Aliens took over the Umpires to give 2 terrible decisions.
But aliens didn't take over our batsmen. That was just shit-hot bowling of the kind the Black Caps just couldn't produce.



  1. God that was depressing. Worse than De Boer on science. What a cave-in. Sad. Sad. Sad.


  2. The last wicket stand that Franklin and Patel put on to get the Black Caps over 200 was a good one. About 60 runs. Now if only there had been more partnerships like that. If there had of been the Black Caps would of been in with a real chance in the last 10 overs. Really they done poorly with the bat given that the Sri Lankans gifted them over 20 runs in extras and missed heaps of run out chances, which would of made victory a lot more likely had the batting not been so pathetic in the middle.


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