Sunday, 8 April 2007

Climate skeptics on air

Why do climate change skeptics disagree with the supposed consensus over global warming? Radio NZ's Insight programme asked members of NZ's Climate Science Coalition that question.

The result is here [audio], a half-hour broadcast that includes interviews with Chris de Freitas, Augie Auer, Vincent Gray and Owen McShane, and and clips from Richard Lindzen, Steve McIntyre, Philip Stott and others. Highly recommended listening.

UPDATE: Audio repaired.


  1. Got a better link for this....? It seems to have expired.

  2. Oops. Thanks, James. Fixed now.

  3. John Campbell interviewed Jeanette Fitzsimon and Brian Leyland from the ClimateScience coalition. I am surprised at Jeanette's wholeheartedly embracing of climate modeling with no ifs , buts or any question its validity?


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