Monday, 30 April 2007


Time for some good old-fashioned beneficiary bashing. Just so you know who's bludging off you, here's a wee pictorial essay showing some of the country's highest paid beneficiaries:

Several hundred thousand middle-income bludgers -- one-third of the country sucking off the state tit: NZ's most numerous beneficiaries.

The Two Jims' own cash machine: NZ's most unrewarding beneficiary. $138,000,000 so you and I can help "the little guy."

The Clark Government: beneficiaries of the Big Lie that unemployment has been drastically reduced.

Radio New Zealand: proud supporters of the culture of sucking off the state tit.

Town Planners: NZ's most destructive beneficiaries.

Consultants and mega-law firms: NZ's least self-aware beneficiaries.

Political parties with their hands in your pocket: NZ's most unashamed beneficiaries.

The country's mayors: NZ's most lack-lustre beneficiaries.

The Prime Minister: NZ's highest paid beneficiary.

Team New Zealand: arguably the country's most undeserving and under-performing beneficiaries.

New Zealand's beneficiary culture is alive and well. Sucking off the state tit is a lifestyle choice: a choice being made every day by hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who put their hands deep into your pocket.


  1. I think that the CEs of various departments earn substantially more than Clark, even taking into account her very expensive travel.

  2. "I think that the CEs of various departments earn substantially more than Clark..."

    Care to name names? We're all ears.


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