Thursday, 15 June 2006

Feet on the ground, and their hand in your pocket

Elliot has had enough. The Kiwibank ads are enough to make him vomit; all he can think of when he sees them is the $138,000,000 he and other taxpayers have put in so that the bank and Jims Neanderton and Bolger can boast about 'how they've helped the little guy' -- after they've stuck their hand in his pocket first, and after having taken those millions out of the investment market -- where it would by now have been many more millions -- just to prop up their stupid ego-driven scheme.

You'd think if they weanted to keep their 'feet on the ground' they'd at least remember where their wedge is coming from, and who's paying for their nauseating moment in the scum sun.

Check out their year-on-year financial position, which Elliot has conveniently summarised, and realise just how much more capital could have been made from that wedge if it hadn't been poured down the Two Jim's drain. I do declare, it's enough to make you want to vomit.

LINKS: Kiwibank makes me VOMIT! - Elliot Who?

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